Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Welcome CUPE 1622 Members!

We are entering a new era of technology! My hope is that this form of media will assist the Executive to communicate more effectively with you the members. We value any and all comments that you can provide on what kinds of information you would like to see. Thank you for visiting.

A week in review! The first week of November Melissa Bellingham and  myself (Jacqui Hall) attended CUPE's National Convention. It was held at the Vancouver Convention Center. There were over 2000 delegates from across Canada in attendance, representing the over 610,000 members of CUPE from across the country.

As you can see there were alot of us there. There was alot of business conducted. Brother Paul Moist was re-elected as CUPE president, Brother Paul Genereux retired from office as Secretary Treasurer. Brother Charles Fleury was elected the new Secretary Treasurer on the Third ballot. The Strategic Plan was debated at length, and even our Mel B got up the courage to speak at the mic.

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