Monday, 14 May 2012

CUPE BC Convention 2012

Two delegates went to convention this year. President, Jacqueline Hall worked at the convention as a returning member of the Resolutions Committee.

Convention Tues_1760
The hardest working committee at convention, it's all about grammar, spelling and intent.

Resolution Committee

Steward in training Mike Morin attended for his very first CUPE Convention. When asked what he thought of convention Mike said; " CUPE is constantly there to support it's members, and it's communities through initiatives such as the 10 Percent Shift. I came away with a felling of solidarity, knowing that the Union is there to support me, and knowing that CUPE members do the work that makes communities work."

When asked how his view of the Union has changed since convention Mike said; " My view has changed because I know I have more rights, 'What has the Union done for me?' is a myth because if it wasn't for Unions our wages would be crap, benefits would be slim to none, and the Employers could have their way with us. Knowledge is power! CUPE makes us strong!"

On becoming a Steward Mike said;" I feel I will be able to educate and advocate for our CUPE members!"

The Executive of CUPE 1622  is very pleased to have Mr. Morin's involvement and look forward to his future work as a Steward.

A moment of silence on Saturday April 28, National Day Of Mourning, in memory of those brothers and sisters that lost their lives in the past year.

Moment of silence 2

Saturday Morning  the Delegates collected at Centennial Square in Victoria for a Day of Mourning Event.

It wasn't all work though, Mike joined up with the Young Workers for a Scavenger hunt one night. I discovered a new love for raw oysters, and there were one of two socials for networking! It was a great experience, maybe you can join me next year!!

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